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Native New Day DVDs

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These DVD's are definitely one of those "Wonderful Things" mentioned in our name.

It is narrated by Monte Church (Native American Storyteller) of the Mohican Nation. On the DVD, he takes you to beautiful locations and invites you to come sit at his camp fire. He is a master storyteller with a gentle manner. I really enjoy the way he presents. The photography is exceptionally good. The messages convey "Peace." Personally, I have watched mine multiple times and frequently use one at the end of my day to help with winding down and preparing to go to sleep. You may enjoy using these DVD's as one way to combat insomnia by calming your mind.

Monty tells Native American stories, old and new, and then adds in life direction from "the Book of Heaven." He gives guidance on how to please the Great Spirit who sealed "a Treaty of Peace" with us with the blood of His only Son, Jesus.

Cost $15.00 per DVD plus shipping and handling. Or save shipping and handling if you live near Chattanooga. Call and come on over to pick it up. 423-238-7467

It is possible to purchase the first 24 episodes in a set, but that is a special order and the price keeps changing. The last price was $324.00 for all. Call to confirm price.

There is also a 7 episode series on Native New Health which is most recently $94.50. Call to confirm the price. Special order.

NATIVE NEW DAY D.V.D.'s, a Series in Progress 22 Episodes Now Available. More in Production. This is a contextualized presentation of the life guidance for Native Americans, those who love and admire Native Americans and everyone who loves beauty. Below are listed the episodes produced and a bit about each.

  1. The Book of Heaven Emphasizes the importance and the power of the Bible.
  2. The Gathering of the Nations. Manileq was a Native American Alaskan prophet long before white men and Christianity arrived on Alaskan soil. Be astonished at the predictions that he made and what the Great Spirit revealed to him long ago. This is probably my favorite DVD of the series. God talks to men in all nations.
  3. Footprints to the Future Examines the signs of the times. Where are we in the scheme of eternity?
  4. A New You! Explores rebirth and how God recreates individuals and changes people.
  5. Remember teaches the way of the Creator/Great Spirit and the importance of taking time to worship.
  6. The Sleep of Death answers the troubling question, "What happens when a person dies?"
  7. The Bondage Breaker. explains how to break addictions, and how to deal with demons and demon harassment. This is one of my personal favorites.
  8. Just a Prayer Away teaches us how to pray and why we should.
  9. Protecting Our Heritage. explains the importance of protecting our heritage including our relationship with the Great Spirit/Creator God. 
  10. The Land With No Fences is filmed in Hawaii and looks forward to what heaven will be like and who will be there.
  11. The Great Spirit tells about the power of the Great Spirit and what He is able to do in your life.
  12. Our Trail of Hope tells our local story of the Cherokee Nation's Trail of Tears. We are all born into a tribe that is on a life journey which is also a Trail of Tears. An option is injected as Monty explains how to make this journey turn into a Trail of Hope. He empahsizes the role of forgiveness (which is getting a lot of attention in the psychological literature right now.)
  13. Called to Serve This is another of my personal favorites. Before the United States gained independence, George Washington’s army was in shambles. An Oneida woman appeared on the scene to function as a "mother" to them. Since the soldiers could not pronounce her name, they called her Polly Cooper. See how she contributed to our freedom today, and how the Great Spirit calls each of us to care about others. 
  14. Our Creator’s Care reminds us of who made us. It explains the original diet and the diet permitted by the Great Spirit. The key issue is health.
  15. The Gathering Place discusses the importance of worship and fellowship with others of like beliefs. It has valuable lessons from the Musk Ox. 
  16. God’s Scouts relates how we can all become “scouts” for the Greatest Nation of all by accepting the blanket of righteousness of the Son of the Great Spirit who sealed the Great Treaty of Peace with His own blood.
  17. Keep the Home Fires Burning. A look at how to improve marriage relationships.
  18. To Heal a Wounded Heart. The story of the Sioux people and Wounded Knee begs the question "Why do bad things happen to good people?"
  19. God's Totem Pole. Hear about the amazing time that God told history with a totem pole.
  20. Native Prosperity. This episode looks at money management, what is prosperity and what does the Book of Heaven tell us about how we should steward the assets that the Great Spirit gives us.
  21. When Storm Clouds Gather. The tragedy of the high suicide rate among Native Americans and what can be done about it. While focused on Native Americans, the principles are the same for suicide prevention among all peoples.

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